General Yoga Class

Mixed Ability Iyengar Yoga Classes

Develop your stamina, strength and balance in yoga postures (asanas).   Improve your understanding of correct body alignment in asanas.

You will learn how to incorporate the use of yoga ‘props’ to give support where needed and help develop precision in yoga poses.

The core of the Iyengar method is instilled in every class, you will experience a unique class every week that will help develop you.

There will be some focus on basic breathing techniques called Pranayama.

Equipment required – a mat, bath robe or belt, blankets/books or blocks.

If you are new to Iyengar Yoga, please see Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Classes.

Tuesday Evening (next block  July 2022)

Time: 7:15pm – 8:45 pm 

Date:  12th July – 2nd August. Then mid September.

Price – 1.5 hour, £32 for 4 classes or £10 drop in 

Venue: In Person and Online Live Yoga. If you miss a class you can catchup within the block or receive a recording

Booking only: Please email to book 

Wednesday Evening (restorative focus, Pranayama)

Time: 8:00pm – 9.15pm 

Date: Please contact me for specific dates

Price:   £8

Venue: Online Live Yoga. If you miss a class you can catchup within the block or receive a recording 

Booking only: Please email to book 

Discounted Classes

Price:   Attend both Tuesday and Wednesday classes for an extra  £5 per week (when booked as a  block). Cost £52

If you are not well, I can send you a recording to catch up. If financially affected by Covid-19, payment can be by donation. 

Booking: Classes can get full, so please book via my email:

Block booking: Can help motivate and commit to a regular class whilst building up your yoga practise.   It also saves you money!

Swapping days/catching up:  If you miss a class you can catch up on the other day within the block or receive a recording. 

Booking only: Please email to book 4 classes


When online, it is up to the individual to assess whether they are ready for the class that they have chosen. If you suffer from specific injuries or disease it is best to consult with your physician first.

Similarly if you are pregnant, follow the recommended practice only. The practice of yoga asanas requires you – the practitioner – to gauge the safety of your practice within your personal physical limitations. It is better to build up slowly than to force and strain.

I am providing this programme/sequence for use by my existing yoga students only.  They are not intended to substitute for proper medical advice. Consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program. In following this programme/sequence, you agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which you might incur as a result. 

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