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Important Covid-19 statement

Due to the coronavirus all Bowen treatments are cancelled.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused

What is Bowen / Fascia Treatment ?

A series of moves over muscle and soft tissue (fascia), on specific parts of the body that cross meridians to help re-align the body. These moves are designed to adjust tension levels and stimulate the body’s own healing process to re-balance and restore health.

Bowen Therapy treats the whole person not just the symptoms. Often unexplained problems are quickly resolved.  Bowen Therapy differs from other complementary therapy which often involve physical manipulation or massage. There is no manipulation or deep massage involved, making it suitable for all ages from babies to the elderly. New injuries respond well to Bowen.

What does a Bowen treatment involve?

Bowen is performed on the skin or through light clothing. i.e T-shirt and shorts/leggings/light trousers. The treatment involves gentle moves over muscle and soft tissue (fascia), on specific parts of the body that cross meridians to help re-align the body. During the treatment there are a series of short ‘pauses’, where the therapist will leave the room to allow the body to respond to the treatment.

How many treatments will I need and how much will it cost ?

I have treated several people over the years and seen consistent improvement in patients after 1 – 4 treatments. Long standing chronic problems have been improved, each person is different. It can address more than one problem in the same treatment, as Bowen addresses the whole person not just one aspect of the body.

Sometimes re-injury occurs or the body is put under stress or imbalances occur. It is therefore recommended, as a preventative or managing a problem, a ’top up’ after 4/6/8 weeks intervals depending on what the body needs.

Cost of treatment £35 per treatment. 

After Treatment

There are simple guidelines to follow:

  • Drink plenty of water 1.5  to 2 litres (helps the body to detox)
  • Walk daily for about 20 mins.
  • Avoid any massage or other therapy.
  • Do not imbalance the treatment (your therapist will discuss this with you).
  • You maybe asked to do some simple specific exercises to help aid your recovery.

What conditions does Bowen Therapy treat?

I have had excellent results, ranging from back pain, kidney stones, shoulder problems, neck pain/restriction, knee pain, weak bladder, depression, foot and ankle problems, post operation recovery.

Bowen addresses many physical and emotional problems, please contact me if you are not sure whether Bowen is suitable for you.

Here are just a few:

  • sports injuries
  • lower, middle and upper back issues
  • pain management
  • allergies and skin disorders
  • hormonal problems
  • feeling unwell or ‘run down’
  • balancing the body
  • and many more.
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